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~ November 2009 ~

When we moved into our house about 12 years ago I did not realize that I had a trick drawer in the kitchen. Someone had put in a dish washer without thinking about how it would affect a drawer that was supposed to open in front of the dishwasher when the dishwasher was closed.

Bad design to start with, but an owner built house and there were a few other little things like this we eventually discovered, but I digress.

So there was not enough clearance between the face of the dishwasher and the side of the drawer when you opened the drawer up. You had to open the dishwasher about halfway, and then you could open the drawer. It became automatic. We started doing it without even thinking about it being unusual. We had trained ourselves to automatically open the dishwasher before even trying to open the drawer. This became a habit. Not a good or bad habit, but a habit nevertheless. Something we did without thinking about it too much. It just became part of our routine.

So my birthday was coming this year, they seem to come faster and faster, and I am thinking about what would make me really happy. I ask Ray to try one more time to come up with a solution for our trick drawer. He talks to Handy Andy, our son in law, who suggests something Ray had not thought of. So Ray fixes the drawer and it will now clear the dishwasher. We no longer have to open the dishwasher before we can open the drawer!

I am elated!!!
I am so thrilled to have a small but irritating habit gone from my life.

Or is it?

To this day I sometimes find myself automatically opening the dishwasher before I open the drawer. Not as often as in the beginning. The old habit seems to be fading and I guess this means I am learning a new one.

Kind of reminds me of an old saying:

Cultivate good habits,
Bad ones grow wild.


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