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Winter 2011

Greetings from the rainforest,

What a nice holiday I have had. I have done less and had some nice surprises because I was not booked solid with things to do. When I leave spaces between things, it seems that I get wonderful surprises or “magic happens” as I often say.

In fact finding magic is an underlying theme of classes this term.

Magic is something that happens in a very unexpected way when you are not looking for it …something that throws you off your routine and makes you smile…something that makes you laugh because you are taken by surprise…something that you cannot explain in any rational terms…A phone call from a friend you have just been thinking of…and on and on.

A story about magic…

The night of the lunar eclipse earlier this month, I was driving home and it was dark with lots of clouds in the sky. I knew there was a full moon, but I could not see it because it was behind this huge rectangular dark cloud.

I was driving up a hill and saying to myself, “I wonder if I will get to see the moon tonight at all, let alone the eclipse”? Before I had finished my sentence the moon moved out of the clouds and was totally clear for about a minute before it disappeared again. It made me chuckle because I got what I wished for right in that moment. It felt like magic to me.

How do we find magic in yoga class? We stay open to the experience and don’t judge ourselves. We stay present so we are in the moment fully rather than thinking 3 things at once and likely remembering none of them. We allow ourselves to do less or more, whichever is right in the moment and enjoy whatever the experience becomes. You will have more fun and be less interested in outcome and that in itself can bring “magic” to your practice because it is an attitude.

Hope to see you in class.


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