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Summer 2011

Using Yoga Props

When I started doing yoga over 40 years ago there were no props. Can you imagine doing yoga without a yoga mat? Today you can buy yoga mats at sports stores, discount stores, book stores…they seem to show up in the most unlikely places sometimes. I recently bought two at Marshalls.

One of the first props I used, even before yoga mats, was eye pillows. I had seen them and decided to make them for my students, because I could not buy them anywhere. After a time I started to sell them because people wanted to buy them. I am still selling them today through my website.

Now you can find all kinds of props to support your practice. You can even buy special clothing to wear in class, and a few years ago I saw yoga shoes advertised in Time magazine. Since you do not wear shoes when you practice yoga, I can only assume these shoes were to wear to “get you to class”.

In other words, yoga has become a big business.

Today if you were to ask me what props you would need to practice yoga I would suggest you start out with a yoga mat, a block and a belt. After you have practiced for awhile you might want to look further, and if you go on the Internet and google yoga props you will be surprised at all the other props you can buy.

Neffer Kitty

Nefer Kitti likes to use a belt, as you can see. She thinks she is my assistant and often checks on people, sometimes curling up to them during savasana. She has become a part of class, when she wants to be. As you know, kitties are very independent, but she is always welcome in class.

This summer we will be working with props to support your practice.

Hope to see you in class.

Laureen and Nefer Kitti

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