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Fall 2011

Having Roots and Growing Tall

Gravity has a lot to do with feeling heavy. So it is important to stretch your body in ways that defy the natural inclination to sink down and feel heavy, and eventually get shorter if you don't change your posture.

Roots keep us grounded in a good foundation. It is a place where we can have a base of comfort for our discomfort, so we feel safe to explore the pose.

Growing tall is a way to defy gravity by having our attention at the top of the body as well as the base. We become more aware of what is happening in our whole body as we move back and forth with our attention.

Here is another thing to think about that might help you feel lighter

When people go walking, they usually have their eyes looking down at where they are walking, or straight ahead if there is something to look at. Seldom does anyone look up. We are patterned to look ahead or down, but not up. Change where you look when you walk and see how it feels to you.

Let me know what happens.

Laureen Lucero

Yoga to help you move through Life