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Time Out to Relax

with Laureen


Pause & Stretch

with Laureen


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~ Testimonials ~

Time Out to Relax

"I used your CD in my sociology class during a particularly difficult lecture. They enjoyed it more than any other kind of break. I also used it myself when I was in
pre-op and post-op while undergoing a lumpectomy recently."
Judy MacIntosh

"I want you to know how much I enjoy using your CD. I couldn't help but laugh when I first heard the ending to the meditation for outlining the body.
It was a great way to start my day."
Laurie Meyer
Yoga Student

Pause and Stretch

"This CD should be in every office. It's a great way to get people
to take a break while at work."
Donna Martin
Yoga Teacher

"Keep a copy of this CD in your computer's drive, and any time you feel a bit tense, the carpal tunnel starts acting up, or your shoulder knot starts aching, run one of Laureen's wonderful stretch and relaxation excercises, right in your desk chair. I find even after a four or five minute break, I feel remarkably refreshed."
Mary Shomon
Thyroid patient advocate and author at

"My CD arrived today and I have listened to it twice already and I must say Laureen has a nice, relaxing voice. Another thing I love is that all the exercises and stretches are easy for me as a disabled person to do, either in my wheelchair or in bed."
Chris Greer
Internet Customer

"The wonderful routines are short and ideal for work. They brought an awareness
of how much tension I hold, especially in my face."
Laurie Meyer
Yoga Student

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